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The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover And Other Goodies

Established In 1994

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G'day visitors to our website.
On October 1st 2018, Australia Post increased their parcel rates for all parcels by an average 3.85%.
As we make no profit on our postage rate, we have had to increase our flat rate postage charge from $16.50 to $16.95 per parcel. This is a 2.7% increase.
This applies to all parcels regardless of how many items you put in your parcel. And applies to all destinations Australia wide.
As a rural business, I am totally dependent on Australia Post.
There are no couriers that come to my remote rural property.
Australia Post is not offering a better service for this increase. It would help all of us if you could voice your disapproval to the management at Australia Post.

We live and work from our remote rural property in the picturesque foothills of the Victorian Alps.
Therefore all parcels are despatched via Australia Post.
Our post office is in a remote location. So we post parcels once a week.
We hope you understand how the tyranny of distance affects a business that is in a remote, rural location.

For our international customers, please check with Customs in your country to see if they impose extra charges on your parcel once it enters your country.
This is especially relevant to those of you who reside in the UK.    

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